Grey Gordon is an artist from Fort Wayne, IN known for his releases with
No Sleep Records and other projects including Kill Surf City and his
podcast, Demolisten. Fish narc is an artist known for his work in the
Seattle DIY scene and involvement in Thraxxhouse and Gothboiclique.
Blacktop Records are an independent record label from Southern Ontario,

Check out our premiere of Grey Gordon’s “Real Feelings Dissapear” prod. fish narc below:

Blacktop Records

“Real Feelings Dissapear” will appear on an upcoming compilation. Gordon is also releasing Songs And Music From A Motion Picture That Doesn’t Exsist due out July 30 on Blacktop Records.

On the new song, Gray Gordon offered the following statements:

“Coincidentally, there’s a fair amount of irony in me ending up on a fish
narc track. Our relationship actually started with me being a dick to him
on the internet for no good reason. After a while, we realized we had a
bunch of mutual friends, and I apologized for being an asshole. Also, turns out I ended up really enjoying his production work, so I’m psyched to hop on a track of his.”

Photo courtesy of Gray Gordon.

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