Hawery, heavy fuzz rock from Berlin, Germany, are back with their debut record Feast of Vultures, recorded in 2019 at Hidden Planet Studios in Berlin. Formed in 2017 and conceived as a classic stoner rock band by vocalist Daniel, Hawery quickly found their own style.

Feast of Vultures tells the story of a somehow dystopian scenery, a wasteland, a struggle for survival in a world full of threats and primeval fears. This record is about isolation and insanity as well as about how to overcome them and rise again. Despair and devastation always go hand-in-hand with hope and rebirth.

“Dark Woods is one of our most straightforward songs on the record. It’s an unfussy, midtempo crusher and one of the first songs we ever wrote. The simple bottom line that defines Hawery, a solid basement build with a lot of fuzz.

“Lyrically, this song tells the story of loosing someone important in a world after the big collapse. When all material belongings are worthless and the last bonding you could hang on to is gone. When fear, insanity, and isolation become omnipresent threats. This song is about surviving and moving on in the darkest of woods.”

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