Heckdang’s upcoming release, Fine, Just Thinking, will be their third EP. It is being released through Brace Cove records on August 14, and they just released a track from the record, “Novermber 9th, 5am.”


“‘November 9th, 5am’ is a song about the fears and complications of being in a relationship while living with mental illness,” the band says. “Having a mental illness can make you really believe that no matter how much you love your partner or how much you try to get better, you’ll never really be enough for them. Or worse, that you’ll drag them down with you. It can even make you believe they’d be better off without you. This song is about having those fears, and trying to be honest about them with your partner for the health of your relationship. This song is basically one long, new-wave inspired ‘I really hope I don’t mess this up.'”
Heckdang are a three-piece emo/alternative band from Charlotte, North Carolina. The band consists of Magda Criswell (bass and vocals), Phillip Calhoun (guitar), and Cole Brooks (drums). They have all been playing in various bands together since high school, but have focused their energies on Heckdang since late 2018. 
They are strongly rooted in post-punk and emo revival with shoegaze-inspired guitar work, powerful and emotional vocals, and driving, punk drums. Their focus is to make compelling music that connects with people in a meaningful way.


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