I think if you’re on this site, you’re probably into some weird, dirty, belligerent, neanderthal rock ‘n’ roll. In which case, we’ve got a greasy little gift for you, a gritty dreg of noisy puke-punk slithering straight out of a Dallas dumpster and into your unsuspecting browser window.

Today, New Noise has for you the official leak of the first track from Texas gutter-jockeys Hoaries, a cut from their forthcoming album Rocker Shocker set to drop on Reptilian Records October 23. The song’s title is … umm, “UNGH,” and you can check it out below:

“UNGH” has that kind of woozy, stop-start quality that you would sometimes get from The Stooges, and later Amphetamine Reptile-roster bands back when rock music was more or less just an excuse to get extraordinarily wasted on the weekends.

The lyrics are a little obtuse, so we’ll allow guitarist and vocalist, Jeff Helland to clear things up a bit. On their new track, Helland offers the following: “I rarely write a song with a story or meaning in mind.  It’s mostly free associations. My dying wish is to be known as the fast-food Captain Beefheart.”  

Clear as mud? Yeah, us neither. The dudes can play, though.

Preorder Rocker Shocker via Reptilian Records here.


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