Jack Acid combines sounds as diverse as punk, rap, and thrash into something totally new and a little heart-wrenching with this latest single, “Gutless,” from his forthcoming EP of the same name out December 13 via Slope Records.

Jack Acid is a nuclear explosion. On “Gutless,” there is a feeling of impending doom as the sound of sirens provides an exclamation point to Acid’s mouthfuls of chaos. It’s a hardcore adrenalin rush that mixes 80s hardcore and thrash metal with the sound of now. Praise him, embrace him, and then buckle up for one minute and 13 seconds of pure, unadulterated, beautiful noise.

An uncultured ear might write Jack Acid’s music off as something derivative of new-school rap, but mature, seasoned listeners can hear the punk and thrash layers peppered throughout. With vocals that pay homage to punk’s forefathers, Acid’s seismic sound paves the way for a fresh crossover, one that’s currently writhing within the basements of the underground rap scene.

Typically, in the realms of rap, one would boast about the flash and luxury of a lifetime hitting the hydroplane of money, women, and cars, but that doesn’t seem to be the case in Acid’s music. Instead, poverty, abandonment, and harsh environments form the staples of Jack’s stable. Slope Records are proud to present Jack Acid’s first EP release on translucent red vinyl.

Preorder the record here. 


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