With the release of his debut Melody Ranch, Vol. 1 a year ago (review here) showcasing Jay Small’s songwriting depth and establishing himself as one of the new artists in Los Angeles burgeoning alt-folk scene, the second installment of the Melody Ranch sessions will see release on October 20, but preceding this will be Jay Small’s new single release “We’ll Always Have Paris/”You Wreck Me” out on Loaded Bomb Records on October 8.

Smalls takes his somber ‘n’ raw alt-folk/country-punk sound into an up-tempo direction with “We’ll Always Have Paris,” which touches on the human condition and vulnerabilities people experience from loss along with their associated lifetime memories.  

“The song itself is about the breakdown of a long-term relationship. Using almost exact references but keeping them vague enough to allow the audience to apply their own connection. 

Given that I’m on the spectrum, I have difficulty expressing my emotions organically or in a more orthodox manner. Using music is my way of saying what I can’t otherwise express verbally. “…Paris” makes references to trees and shorelines, as both were places that we once vacationed at and how those places will still be there even if we don’t visit them together. 

The title itself is an apparent Casablanca reference, which happens to be one of my favorite films. In this context, it’s used to say how those places and memories we had will always be special and something no one can ever take from us as they were our experiences. -Jay Smalls 

The B-side to this single is a stripped, mid-tempo cover of Tom Petty’s “You Wreck Me” taken from the Wildflowers LP. The takes aways of the A-side are Small’s emotionally charged lyrics and hard-charging guitar work mixed with fellow native Los Angeles country-punk stalwarts Colin Guthrie on standup bass and Neil Johnson on drums. Petty’s B-side cut has Smalls on guitar and vocals with Larry Ramirez providing bass, drums, and backing vocals, with Small’s at his most relaxed sounding coupled with both musician’s soaring vocal melodies throughout the track’s entirety. 

We’ll Always Have Paris”/”You Wreck Me” is available digitally on October 8 and Melody Ranch, Vol. 2 is available on October 20 via Loaded Bomb Records.  Album cover of “We’ll Always Have Paris”/”You Wreck Me” courtesy of Sergio Garcia.

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