Can’t Complain, the latest album from Kill Lincoln, is out August 7 on Bad Time Records in the U.S., 1138 Records in Japan, Pookout Records in the U.K., and all major streaming platforms.

Can’t Complain marks the band’s first release since 2015’s Good Riddance to Good Advice and is truly their most complete and reflective effort. It distills everything you love about the band into a sweat-inducing, 30-minute dance party: powerful horn lines that get stuck in your head, thoughtful lyrics that grab at your heart, and the speed and energy you’ve come to recognize from any Kill Lincoln show.

Recorded at District Recording in San Jose, CA with engineer Ryan Perras (The Atom Age), the record perfectly captures the band’s live sound and energy with plenty of rock ‘n’ roll power for good measure.

“These are hands down the most fun, challenging, and complete songs we’ve ever written” says vocalist and guitarist Mike Sosinski. “It’s the most Kill Lincoln thing you’ll ever hear, but also something fresh and different I don’t think fans of the band or the genre have experienced yet.”

Preorder the album here.


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