Jangly indie-pop is the stuff of some dudes dreams of. Literally, when some bros conk out for the night, they hear the sounds of Surfer Blood and Beach Fossels echoing around in their head case like the sound of the ocean in a seashell. Lesser Animals seem like those kinds of dudes.

If pumping some bright and jaunty indie pop into your ears is how you prepare for the winter months, then New Noise have got something for you. Lesser Animals are dropping a song today called “Cannot Hang.” It’s off of their forthcoming album The Feeling Is Real which will be self-released on January 29. You can stream our premiere below:

Hear Lesser Animals describe their track on their own terms below:

“‘Cannot Hang’ is a song about trying to balance my own mental health issues with trying to be around and supportive for the people in my life, and failing spectacularly. I meant for it to be a snapshot of what my life was like when I was struggling but when I got into the room with the band we found that the sound of the song departed from this sad and lonely thing. With the support of these guys, my best friends, ‘Cannot Hang’ transformed into one of the most joyous and cathartic songs on the record.”

Photo by Rory Brett

Preorder The Feeling Is Real here.


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