Lindy Vision get heavy with the beat and the subject matter on their new track, “Wasted,” from Adult Children Part II, out March 6.

“‘Wasted’ was one of the first tracks written on Adult Children, which was originally created as a full-length LP, and then we decided to split it into two six-track EPs, Part I and Part II,” the band says. “So, this song is by far one of the oldest on the record and definitely one of our favorites. Stylistically, it’s a signature, upbeat Lindy Vision song with a driving drum beat and guitar riff which, on the surface, sounds very pop, but underneath, it has a bit of a dark, lyrical undertone. The title itself plays with this idea of being ‘wasted’ on drugs and ultimately having ‘wasted’ your life and the little time you have on earth.
“Lyrically, the song is a commentary about a mutual acquaintance/ex-partner of one of the band members and our observation of their heavy drug use as a form of escapism,” they continue. “In this industry, it’s easy to get seduced by the drug scene and the delusions that come along with that. The reality of drug use for us though is that the choice to use mind-altering substances can have real, devastating consequences not only for the user but for their loved ones as well.
“This song is about having to make the difficult decision to walk away from a loved one who was using in order to protect ourselves. In the end, the song ends on a lighter note with an uplifting, hopeful, Native American-inspired chant. I think any situation involving addiction to dangerous substances can be scary and tough, so we really wanted to leave the song on a high note that you can overcome your circumstances, and it begins with hope, and for us, the power of chanting really symbolizes this.”
For Albuquerque, New Mexico new wave/synth-pop band Lindy Vision, family casts a shadow over everything. The trio—comprised of three Black Native sisters, Dorothy (Dee Dee), Natasha (Na), and Carla Cuylear—has spent the last six years honing their unique sonic palette, a mix of dark, 80s new wave; bouncy synth-pop; and ethereal indie-rock that has drawn comparisons to Santigold, M.I.A., Devo, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and more.
In that time, their music has landed them on bills supporting Spoon, Durand Jones and the Indications, A Tribe Called Red, Magic Giant, and more. On their new EP, Adult Children Part II, Lindy Vision continue to create sweeping, synth-heavy soundscapes that provide a foundation for their introspective, emotionally raw musings on adult life after a tumultuous upbringing.

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