Cyril John Budde was born in Miami, Florida. His father taught him guitar as a child while his mother enrolled him in piano lessons. He was inspired to listen to rock music from old Nirvana CDs that his father had in the car. In adolescence, his family relocated to Ft. Myers, Florida where he quickly got involved in the local metal, punk and emo scenes. He soon after put his own band together to perform original music under the name On Our 7th. He eventually left Fort Myers for Los Angeles to pursue music and focus on honing his production skills, taking on the pseudonym M. Aubrey based on a dare with a co-worker in reference to his love for actress Aubrey Plaza.

After gaining experience in some of LA’s premier studios, notably The Mix Room & Igloo Music, he began working for producer Fki 1st in 2019, where he became fully immersed in the hip-hop studio culture.

His music offers a unique approach to the alternative rock / hip hop fusion by blending elements of dreamy indie and catchy pop with a 90s flair. As a musician himself, M. Aubrey loves to keep things simple, going for well-recorded performances that are passionate and honest. He is about to release his new, self titled project which will be available June 25th.

New Noise is proud to premiere M. Aubrey’s latest single “Overrated” which you can stream now a day before its official release below:

On his new single, M. Aubrey had the following to say:

This song is one of the newer ones on this record. I started it pretty early on in the pandemic when I was trying to return to a more rock oriented style of production. I was just coming out of managing Fki 1st’s studio and was looking to get back to my sonic roots a little bit. I was kind of looking to some old Green Day records for inspiration on the song structure and production. And as I dug deeper and I started channeling a bit of Nine Inch Nails type of vibe, I guess.

This song is about a fleeting relationship. Though, instead of feeling scorned by things not going as hoped, it’s more about accepting it as-is with the caveat that they too may leave when something better comes along. It’s a little bit of a spin on my attitude toward people in general. Like, it’s much easier to accept people as they are & respond accordingly than to try & ‘fix’ things. 

Photo courtesy of M. Aubrey.

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