NANL is the solo project of singer-songwriter Nathaniel Reed based out of Bloomington, IN. For the past three years, he has been working to create a collection of emotionally dense and sonically vulnerable songs. Reed’s debut EP, Autumn Dyes, is set for release in July through Lonely Ghost Records.

New Noise are proud to premiere “Always On My Mind” below:

NANL’s newest single “Always On My Mind” kicks in with glimmering guitars and a shuffling and groove-laden drumbeat. The verse features Reed’s passionate vocals, which could appear just as easily in a mainstream pop track as it does on an alt-emo jam.

Juxtaposed somewhere between ‘90s emo and late ‘90s radio-alt (think where underground guitar-pop legends Seam and Lifehouse would meet), “Always On My Mind” casts a beautiful, autumnal soundscape that will allow you to get lost in the weaving guitars and melodies.

Autumn Dyes is the musician’s debut EP. After several years of continuous songwriting, he finally set out to the studio with his friends to record a four-song project that can best be described as an amalgam of indie-folk, emo, slow-core, and math rock. The project winds through a variety of different sounds ranging from loud and direct to soft and sweet. All the while, it maintains a consistent theme of trying to understand one’s own mental state and place in the world.

Through guitar-driven and lyrically reflective songwriting, Reed genuinely strives to create music that will connect with listeners in search of catharsis in the same ways that other artists have for him. As both a singer and guitarist, he is accompanied by dear friends and musicians Isaiah Smith on guitar, Alex Kessler on bass, and Alex Schumacher on drums.

On the track’s release, the band states:

“‘Always on My Mind’ started with an open tuning guitar intro that I had been sitting on and eventually decided to turn into a full song. When I brought it to the other musicians, it was a fairly mellow song. They immediately turned it into something much bigger and more beautiful. The song is about the persistence of negative feelings and how it can feel that they never really leave.”

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