New Noise Magazine is happy to be bringing forth the crushing single “Stolen Absolution” by Oryx. The two piece stoner/sludge metal band leave desecrating dents in listener’s ears with their bombastic sound. Woven through rhythmic pieces that trudge along with incredible syncopation, “Stolen Absolution” is a visceral release of doom worthy energy. It’s an epic sound that feels like an anvil raining down through the core of the earth. Oryx are planning to release their next album, Stolen Absolution, in 2018 and this self-titled track is just a preview of the crushing potential the band will be displaying.

“Stolen Absolution is a dirge reflective on the human sickness wrapped around the ravaging of the worlds resources and people by a few that profit. Those that take absolve themselves in the name of God, in the name of ‘order’.”  — Tommy Davis, guitar/vocals

Pre-Order Stolen Absolution here

Forging forth a nearly impenetrable barrier of sound, you will feel the obsidian tonalities of ORYX well before you see this doomed duo commandeering the stage. Originally from the barren desert of New Mexico, drummer Abbey Apple and guitarist/vocalist Tommy Davis relocated their monoliths of drone to Denver, CO, where they’ve delivered their bone-shattering blackened sludge alongside heavy hitters Primitive Man, -16-, Inter Arma, Yautja, Mantar, Bell Witch and a host of others. With a split record and full length Widowmaker to their name, ORYX has garnered praise for their suffocating riffs and lurching soundscapes – the duo has toured regionally and embarked on a full US tour in 2016, as well as performed at the imminent Southwest Terror Fest, Seven One Grind Fest and Electric Funeral Fest.


Photo by Alvino Salcedo



This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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