Pedestrian Lifestyle are an ambient post-rock outfit from Thunder Bay, Ontario, consisting of vocalist/guitarist Josh Talakoski, bassist Leif Peltonen, and drummer Dylan Maxwell. The band’s latest EP, Nocturnal Sea, is due for release on May 14.

New Noise are proud to premiere the EP’s title track below:

Formed in 2008, Pedestrian Lifestyle remain an active proponent of their hometown’s compact and independent music scene, diligently maintaining a strong DIY work ethic.

The band draws influence from artists like Radiohead, Warpaint, Foals, U2, The Police, Silversun Pickups, Jeff Buckley, and Land Of Talk while creating their own unique cascade of lush, dreamy, and introspective alternative rock.

Reinforcing their sound is a combination of themes ruminating on death, isolation, directionlessness, and a deeply profound nostalgia as it manifests through one’s surroundings.

On the meaning behind “Nocturnal Sea,” Talakoski states:

“‘Nocturnal Sea’ is a good example of how a lot of the writing gets done on my side of things. Usually, I’m always working on ideas very late at night just because my mind feels more tuned into things than it does during the day. So lyrically it’s kind of about being in that type of headspace and getting lost in your own head trying to make sense of things.

This song is important to us because it is a good showcase of all the fundamentals and dynamics that make up the sound of our band and we really got the vision we were looking for out of it. The end result was exactly how we imagined it.”

Stream “Nocturnal Sea” here.

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