Plattenbau is the darkwave/electronic project of San Francisco-based Megan Biscieglia and Dustin Khebzou. On their latest release, the four-track EP Synthetic Dawn, available April 5 through Glowing Dagger, the duo explore the moodier side of electronic music.

New Noise are proud to premiere the group’s latest single, “Under the Light,” below:

Since their formation in 2015, the two-piece has been actively developing their unique sound by combining austere, industrial soundscapes, lush vocal arrangements, and groove-laden rhythms.

Chimerical melodies lurk behind the sweeping synths and rhythmic vibrations on each track present on Synthetic Dawn. Recorded while quarantining in the city of San Francisco during the early days of the pandemic, as a way to process the changing world around them, the record leans into dystopian themes and imagery.

Equal parts cold-wave, post-punk, and minimal techno, Plattenbau transmits listeners into a visceral vortex of arresting sound and energy.

Pre-order Synthetic Dawn here.

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