Pressure Cracks are unveiling their latest single, “Ready For You,” via War Against Records. It’s officially out tomorrow, but you can hear it with us now.

Pressure Cracks feature Jason Butler of Fever 333/Letlive notoriety and ex-members of hardcore metal group Scars of Tomorrow. Started initially as a project amongst longtime Orange County friends Dan Bieranowski (guitar), Kevin Fifield (guitar), Bill Galvin (drums), and Ryan Doria (bass), they connected with Butler knowing he would be perfect for the role.

“Jason and I go back many years to his days singing for Letlive,” says Bieranowski. “It’s awesome how something we are doing just for fun comes together naturally when the pieces perfectly fit.” The band draws influences from the era of late 90s and early 2000s metal/hardcore and goes straight for the throat with their relentless riffs and technical-yet-punishing drumming by Galvin.

While not trying to reinvent the wheel, Pressure Cracks have created an energy that will earn a nod of respect from hardcore purists while pushing forward with ideas and vocals that are uniquely their own. “Be A Wolf” can be streamed now on Spotify and Apple Music, and merchandise from the band is available via War Against Records.

Check out the official website here. 


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