Cheap Trick, Bad Company, Foreigner, what do these bands have in common? None of them are Professor and the Madman. The Prof. and Don Draper have a new arena-sized song out today called “Two Tickets to the Afterlife.” Check it out below before a rogue bus punches YOUR ticket:

“Two Tickets to the Afterlife” will appear on the band’s forthcoming album, Séance, which drops this Friday the 13 via Fullertone Records.

Here is what Professor and the Madman have to say about their new record:

Séance is a ‘concept album,’ and this song is told from the point of view of the main character. He’s been transported to Hell and finds a big, gaudy game show waiting (and a nod to legendary host Wink Martindale). All the game entails is for the contestant to ‘come on down’ and make the ‘right’ choices to have their heart’s desires granted. When I was writing the lyric, I was thinking about a mashup of The Price Is Right with the “market scene” from Jesus Christ Superstar.” 

Photo by Professor and the Madman.

Preorder Séance here.


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