Remorsefully Numb are an emo/post-hardcore outfit from Kansas City, Missouri. Their latest single, “Sapling,” is out June 18.

“‘Sapling’ discusses the aftermath of losing someone because of your own selfish ways and not opening up and just being transparent with that person,” explains the band’s vocalist/guitarist Andrew Gibson. “Even when you think you’ve begun to heal yourself, you still bury away those things and have failed again to fully break away from your current position.”

Often praised for having a hard-hitting sound riddled with emotion, the quartet formed in 2016 and released their debut EP Fairmount during the fall of 2018. Their time spent touring and playing regional shows has allowed them to share the stage with acts like Rarity, Future Teens and Unturned. “Sapling,” which follows the band’s December 2019 single, “Forfeit,” is just one of many new songs to come from the group in 2020.

Remorsefully Numb are Andrew Gibson (vocals/guitar), Chaz Florido (guitar), Jake Ayers (drums), and Warren Beal (bass).

Stream the single here. 


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