Out July 17 via their Pink Cloud Summer EP, Skybound’s “Galaxies” is the perfect summer anthem.

“Galaxies was the most deliberately upbeat song on the record, pulling from things such as vintage video game music and mixing that with the whole anime vibe that exists within the sonic world of the song,” the band explains. “It was one of the earliest songs we wrote right after getting off the summer run of shows with Dead Centuries in 2018, so it’s been around in different iterations for quite some time.”

Pink Cloud Summer is the newest EP from Ottawa instrumental post prog outfit, Skybound. It is the follow-up to the 2018 full length “For All the Hope We Hold,” and is available worldwide via Helix Audio on July 17.

“The EP’s record process happened sporadically and from beginning to end lasted about a year and a half, which is way longer than intended but between life happening and several rewrites for many of the songs, it was worth taking the time to properly flesh out the songs in ways that seems the most natural,” the band explains. “We were aiming to create a dreamy aesthetic with the songs that lended itself to an overwhelming sense of nostalgia and sonder that is manifested in the areas we live during the summer months.

“In addition, injecting a heavy dose of CoMix Wave Films (Your Name), Studio Ghibli (Spirited Away) and just Japanese culture in general into both the visual and auditory atmosphere of the record was very deliberate. The song themselves don’t really carry any sort of narrative, but they’re all loosely based on the idea of someone wandering through a seemingly endless city, searching for someone or something they’re not even sure exists. It’s a relatable feeling that anyone can feel, searching for a purpose or a goal or any sort of aspiration toward bigger and greater things.”

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