Germany’s Exile On Mainstream presents Push, the third LP from U.K.-based doom/post-metal outfit Sons of Alpha Centauri.

“The video is us in the studio figuring it out with the first batch of tracks,” says bassist Nick Hannon. “We were in the zone, and everything started to click into place with ideas and lyrics being shared with the vibes and initial ideas and recording getting laid down here in the U.K. We thought the studio footage would give that little insight into the album and show that collaborative and creative process. Listen!”

A radical departure from the instrumental approach the band have maintained for the past 20 years, Push marks Sons of Alpha Centauri’s first collaboration with musicians from two of the biggest and most respected bands in the Sacramento music community, as the act welcomes Jonah Matranga of Far and Gratitude and Mitch Wheeler of Will Haven. A powerhouse of searing post-hardcore, alternative metal, and progressive, dreamy riff rock with an ideology rooted in the 1990s hardcore scene, the hypnotic pulsing riffs and the soaring emotional power of Matranga’s raw vocals provide his first heavy performance since the critically acclaimed Far reunion album At Night We Live.

Matranga uses his return to post hardcore, and his subtle, almost subliminal delivery to challenge some of the core topics with a reignited fire of passion and emotional persuasion.

Push was recorded by Lance Jackman of EightFourSeven in Sacramento, engineered and mixed by Dan Lucas, and mastered by the legendary Nick Zampiello (Cave In, Converge, ISIS).

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