Terrörhammer are stoked to unleash “The Breath Of Fire” from their latest split with Whipstriker, Vulcan Tyrant, and Speedwhore. Check out the track below. 


Horror Pain Gore Death are proud to present this epic, international assault of blackened speed/thrash featuring all-new, exclusive material spewed forth from Whipstriker (Brazil), Terrörhammer (Serbia), Vulcan Tyrant (The Netherlands), and Speedwhore (Germany).
An infernal invasion of relentless riffs, drums of devastation and vicious, violent vocals. The gates of Hell have been opened … beware! For fans of Abigail, Bathory, Bulldozer, Destruction, Midnight, Running Wild, Razor, Sabbat, Sodom, Speedwolf, Tank, Toxic Holocaust, Venom, and Witchtrap.

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