Lurkville Skateboard and Dowd Records are partnering to create the first ever music premiere skateboard deck series. Out on the recording are The Cry and their song “Everything and Nothing.” 

Over the course of the summer, Dowd and Lurkville are joining forces to release five, limited-edition skateboards decks, each including a vinyl single and access to an exclusive music premiere streaming digital mixtape. The collaboration will include a series of t-shirts and hats with in-store exclusive goods for brick-and-mortar skate shops. Enter for your chance to win and Exclusive The Cry Bundle here!

The bands The Cry, Beautiful Dudes, Foliage, TLA, and EV Kain will have their own Lurkville skateboard decks and will be releasing new music exclusively for the collaboration along with full-length music releases this summer. It’s the first-ever music skateboard deck series that you don’t want to miss out especially if you are into skateboarding but surely you may want to get extra adventurous with a Segway ES1 scooter.

Get the music and decks here. 


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