The Exbats’ new single, “Good Enough For You,” is out March 6 on their new record Kicks, Hits and Fits via Burger Records.

Arizona father/daughter garage-punk outfit The Exbats drop a needle straight into the vein of what made the world fall in love with rock ‘n’ roll in the first place. Their new LP Kicks, Hits and Fits (out March 6 on Burger Records) is a witchy, punk-rock sock hop of a record that navigates teen angst, falling in love, breakups, and figuring out where in the hell you fit into society, especially when you’re not yet old enough to get into the club where your band is playing.

The Exbats’ always clever formula—fusing 20-year-old daughter Inez McLain’s ’60s surf drumming and punk doo-wop vocals with her dad Kenny McLain’s Beach Boys-meets-X guitar licks—has found them making fans out of (and sharing bills with) bands like the Dead Milkmen, Mike Watt, SadGirl, NO WIN, AJJ, Tacocat, El Vez, Death Valley Girls, Skating Polly, Starcrawler, and more.

“‘Good Enough For You’ could be called ‘Being Lonely Defines Me, And I Don’t Give A Shit,'” the band says. “It is Inez singing about a lady who was a real townie, and all her friends have moved on. Now she’s the lady who sits alone at the bar, living in the past, bitter, resentful, and filled with regret. Like some character from a Lucinda Williams song, but this song is a reminder that if you think your best days are behind you, then you have given up hope.

“When she says, ‘I was good enough for you,’ it is implied that she thinks someone out there, an old crush, has moved on past her, and this makes her feel like a loser. But she’s not a loser; she’s just lost her way and can’t let go of the last time she felt loved. She needs to quit drinking and acting like an asshole. And that is the redemption in the song; when in the end she sings ‘Now I’m good enough for me,’ she is stepping into the light.”

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