New, exciting solo project The Frst just unleashed a new single, “Simulation.”

“After returning home from a short tour, my Monday morning was starting out pretty slow. To get motivated, I started watching Elon Musk’s interview on Joe Rogan’s podcast and became hooked. I paused in the middle to write the chorus of Simulation softly on an acoustic guitar while lounging on the live room couch in our old East Nashville studio.

“The next day, I finished the song on the acoustic, and then immediately started recording all the instruments you hear on the track today one by one, starting with guitars, then drums, then bass, and finally vocals. I cut 75 percent of the final vocals that day and then eventually came back to change a few verse lyrics, after playing some VR games, to try and capture the feel of that experience, along with a more futuristic guitar solo.

“Andy VanDette mastered the track quickly, as he always does, but what held up the release date was actually our distributor rejected our artwork twice for unnamed reasons. The third time around, they accepted the artwork you now see in stores, and the rest is history!

“The message behind is the song is that technology is great! But moderation and re-grounding are far more important. Let’s not lose sight of what makes us special as humans.”

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Addison is reviews and online news editor for New Noise. She specializes in metal, queer issues, and dog cuddles.

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