A dark and moody track with jazz elements, Pittsburgh’s The Ghost Club have released a track in the same vein as blues-y pop rock artists like Panic! At The Disco and IDKHOW. Singer Domenic Dunegan shares his velvety vocals with old school snare and spacey keyboard in “Same Graves”, an honest track about how in the end of it all, we’re the same.

“With as much confusion and division going on in the world, there’s only one thing I saw as a common absolute: ‘social status just won’t change the fact that we all share the same graves,'” Dunegan said.

The music video is an animated rendition of the vicious cycle of life and death. A skeleton is being haunted by two ghosts; a beautifully illustrated version of a throwback cartoon which repeats itself through the song.

“Instead of painting hell as a fiery landscape, we chose to make hell a repeating cycle,” Dunegan said. “The entire video repeats itself. That’s the thing I’m afraid of most in life, being stuck in a constant loop.” 

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