The Undertaking! just unveiled “Which Rituals,” a spooky follow-up to their Halloween, single, just in time for Christmas!

The Undertaking! are following up the release of their Halloween single “About Ghosts with another spooky catalog entry named Which Rituals. The song embodies the live chaos and heaviness that you’ll find when The Undertaking! is on stage. Mastered by Joey Bradford, with artwork by Dave Quiggle, the song is ready to take up space in your head and bounce around for some time.

After dropping their debut EP, Scavengers in April 2019, The Undertaking! have kept the pedal to the metal. Bringing their relentlessly energetic live show to venues all over San Diego, the band have caused a stir among promoters, booking agents, and other bands; The Undertaking! is sure to leave their mark wherever they tread. You can catch them live on Sunday, December 15 at Brick by Brick playing with The Fall of Troy, Strawberry Girls, Dead American, and Andres.

Check out their site for more music. 


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