The Unfit’s “Picture,” out June 5 on their self-titled album via Share It Music, is an appropriately timed song about loss and change.


“We tend to want to play with a lot of energy and noise, and you might hear this song and think why did they make this so slow and simple. It’s definitely different from our other songs. It’s been like an exercise in restraint for us and took a while to gel with the band. I guess that’s part of why we like it and chose it for this release and lyric video.”

The Unfit formed in Seattle in 2012. After years of sparse shows, sporadic recording sessions, and scattered postings of tracks online, old high school friends and longtime Seattle musicians Jake Knuth, Michael Lee, T.J. Johnson, and Tyler Johnson are releasing their self-titled debut on Share It Music in June 2020.

Preorder the album here. 


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