The Unfit’s “Picture,” out June 5 on their self-titled album via Share It Music, is an appropriately timed song about loss and change.


“The song is generally about about loss and change—it’s meant different things to me in this way at different times. It’s also a little bit about the regret of taking things for granted.

“On a more specific level, it’s about the terror and sadness that overcomes me when I think about the fact that my memory is me, and that my memory is limited and impermanent—and everything that I am and every moment, however profound, however beautiful, will go away and, for all anyone knows or cares, ultimately might as well never have existed.

“And on a very specific, literal level, this song makes me think of my kids and my youth, and I want to preserve what I can in whatever form I can to remember things. My kids will never be babies again, and all of the profound moments in their development fade and disappear over time without things to keep the memory alive. Same goes for all of the early years of my own life that I remember less and less of all the time.”


The Unfit formed in Seattle in 2012. After years of sparse shows, sporadic recording sessions, and scattered postings of tracks online, old high school friends and longtime Seattle musicians Jake Knuth, Michael Lee, T.J. Johnson, and Tyler Johnson are releasing their self-titled debut on Share It Music in June 2020.

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