Soft-spoken emo-types The Weak Days have a new single called “The Seams” and who else but New Noise would premiere for you such a lovely song today. Check out the full stream below!

The single is from The Weak Days’ forthcoming album The Fabric of Our Lives which will be out on Deep Sea Records on October 30, 2020.

Need more info on this track? We’ll let the band take things from here:

“‘The Seams’ is an inflection point in the story on The Fabric of Our Lives, and of the greater story past this album. It is the point when our two main characters, The Bard and The Botanist, are confronted by The Seamstress (played by Jessica Knight of Looming) who offers them a chance at immortality—but at a price. The song is about how your perception of the world and reality can often misalign, and how radical acceptance of self—against all odds, can contrast with what the world begs of you. We wrote this song to have a feature, in our wildest dreams it was meant to be Jess, and so wonderfully, our dreams came true.”

Photo by The Week Days

Preorder The Fabric of Our Lives here.

You can also snag the tape here.


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