Gainesville, Florida-based melodic sludge/rock trio Thunderclap are releasing their new, two-song seven-inch, Morkkis, on September 17 through Ashtray Monument.

New Noise have an exclusive stream of the seven-inch B-side, “March of the Wombats,” below:

Formed by Todd Rockhill, Ale Gasso, and Salmon Nason—veterans of the Florida punk/underground scene who have played with the likes of Discount, The Draft, Unitas, The Future Now, House On Fire, Black Cougar Shock Unit, and others—Thunderclap meld elements of doom and punk into emotive and impassioned music that has the potential to cross genres and reach multiple audiences.

In 2019, Thunderclap released their Inebriocean debut LP through Financial Ruin to positive reactions from fans and media alike amidst solid runs of East Coast shows with Meatwound and more. Trying to maintain some of that positive traction when the 2020 lockdowns went into effect, the band went to work on new material.

Featuring the lead title track “Morkkis” and B-side track “March Of The Wombats,” the new seven-inch captures the band’s mood as the world was raging with wildfires, protests and riots, racism, and bigotry, and the onset of a deadly global pandemic.

The songs feature hints of the members’ punk roots blended with the usual Thunderclap style of heavy, melodic, doomy riffs and tones. There is anger; there is sadness, and there is hope and longing for a better future. Morkkis was produced by Roger Lima of Less Than Jake at The Moathouse in Gainesville.

On the track’s release, Gasso states:

“‘March Of The Wombats’ is a dark commentary on how we can so easily become cogs in the machine, eternally devoted to the jobs that we rely on for survival.

“Beginning with, ‘Is this really called living?, ‘ the song calls into question what is known as the ‘daily grind’ begging the listener to, ‘Break me out of these four gray walls and … Drag my corpse through the street.’ The song ends on a note of hope with, ‘Take me to another place. Where I hope to find myself again.’”

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