Rock band Tigers On Opium are gearing up to release new track “The Perfect Cocktail,” premiering through New Noise Magazine.

The track spends its time gaining the momentum of the band’s distinct stoner rock sound, incorporating traits of punk, psychedelic, and desert rock.

Tigers on Opium’s lyrics involve esotericism, mysticism, underground drug and social culture, personal experiences, and cannabis. 

“We’ve all had that time in life where ya feel invincible despite what gets thrown your way,” says the band regarding the new track. “There was a time in by life where I turned to some not-so-healthy indulgences to distract me from my problems, but I came to realize, there’s always a silver lining. So, rally the squad; get lit, and take the bull by the horns! This song’s basically an anthem about seeing the silver lining in tough situations and having a good time regardless of it all.”

Tigers On Opium self-engineer all their sessions, with guitarist Jeanot Lewis-Rolland at the helm as the lead engineer and have partnered up again with Adam Pike of Red Fang to mix the EP. The mix of work has fans wanting more of what this band has in store for them.


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