New Noise Magazine is bringing forth the spastic and energetic track “Tango Down” from Tim Lancaster. A multi-instrumentalist, the song is a ruckus of alternative style with a vocal delivery that continuously keeps the listener on their toes. The song is off of Lancaster’s upcoming record, Conspiracy.

“’Tango Down’ may be the most political song on the record, although it certainly doesn’t advocate any particular side or political party or any specific ideology. It’s about a day in the life of an Apache helicopter pilot, and what a pilot might experience or how they might feel. The song is a little charged up and adrenaline infused. The idea of the song comes from WikiLeaks. The recent whistleblower trend and its exposure of the travesties of war and corrupt political parties and government cover-ups really fascinates me. The song starts with actual leaked radio footage and takes off from there (pun intended).“ – Tim Lancaster


Tim Lancaster is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, singer. With music spanning the spectrum of pop-rock-psychedelic-punk to modern jazz, Tim Lancaster is about eliminating sonic boundaries.

Generally known for his innovative jazz drumming, Tim Lancaster has performed with some of today’s greatest musicians. With over a hundred original compositions to his credit, he continues to break boundaries with his original music spanning the far reaches of jazz and rock to modern electronic music. Pick up his latest modern rock release, Conspiracy.

The tunes on Conspiracy were written and performed entirely but Tim Lancaster. The album features a variety of modern-rock styles full of lush layers of vocals, guitars, organ and keyboards.



This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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