Recorded in isolation amidst the global COVID-19 lockdown, Torizon’s “Find My Way” packs a punch with heavy, driven, tremolo-picked verses, anthemic choruses, and tastefully curated guitar outros.

This dynamic single showcases the four-piece’s signature, heavy rock/alternative sound that expertly interweaves raw and emotive melodies with heavy hitting groove. The band builds and resolves tension seamlessly by creating a push and pull between all instruments and Mish’s vocals throughout the entirety of the song.

This track tackles the complex issue of emotional abuse and gaslighting head-on, offering some frank insights underpinned by painful personal experiences. The song resolves by giving the victim an empowering position to take control and leave an abusive relationship.

Mish explains, “I wrote this song after coming out of an emotionally abusive musical relationship. I didn’t realize that I was a victim of gaslighting to the point where I prioritized keeping the peace over my physical and mental health. After ending that relationship and taking some time to reflect, I came to terms with how the abuser erodes your self esteem a little at a time in such a subtle manner that you don’t feel it happening.

“When you bring up your concerns, you end up getting blamed for it or accused of being overly sensitive or overreacting. This behavior can continue after the relationship has ended, which was the case in my personal experience. I continued to get abusive messages; my email was hacked a couple of times after I decided to cease contact and take my power back. I want people to know that if you find yourself in a similar situation, find your way out because you deserve love, happiness, and safety.”

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