The project of singer/songwriter Dustin Parlier, Two Eyes Open officially began in early 2020 during the pandemic, when Parlier, marred with self-doubt, had been writing songs for years but never shared them publicly. In 2020 he decided to put himself out there and face his fears, and thus, Two Eyes Open was born.

New Noise are proud to premiere “The Ceiling” below:

“The Ceiling” is an alt-rock/pop-punk track inspired by anthemic, riff-oriented bands with roots in grunge and punk, such as Foo Fighters and Sum 41. It was self-produced by Parlier, with tutelage from producer Andrew Sullivan, out of his bedroom in Charlotte, NC.

Originally written in 2015, “The Ceiling” is finally out for the public to hear. Since then, Two Eyes Open has released 14 songs, and has worked with other underground artists from around the world, such as Cheer Up Dusty, Passionflower, Underking, and Trent Jeffrey.

On the creative process behind the track, Parlier states:

“The song is about that moment when you’re struggling to sleep and find yourself late at night looking up at your bedroom ceiling. You can’t sleep because you’re reflecting on a crumbled relationship, and so you’re wide awake just watching the ceiling fan spin and spin and spin. You go back in time in your head and conclude that your significant other was not perfect for you; there were signs you should’ve seen along the way but missed.

At the same time, you realize that your ex might be looking up at the ceiling in their bedroom at that very moment and thinking the same thing about you. Though some of the lyrics have a sort of resentful tone to them, the final word at the end of the song hints that the narrator ultimately misses their ex, and that the anger displayed is really to mask their pain.”

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