Listen to Vagabond Spectre’s “Caravella” from their future album, Bipolar, out June 18.

Vagabond Specter were founded in 2015 and consist of four members. The band have previously released one LP in 2016 and one EP in 2017, and they have played over 100 gigs, including big festivals and  performing as the opening act for Garbage.

It all started when, in 2014, Pablo Googled for a music producer to help him transform his music ideas into an album, and he found Yuriy. Their meeting quickly transformed into a fruitful friendship. Besides being an amazing sound engineer & producer, Yuriy made a huge input as a music co-author. He also played guitars and keyboards on the album, experimenting with tons of digital and analog synthesizes. In 2015, they finished their first full-length album, ‘Mirrors,’ and later, they found Alex and Egor, professional musicians, who felt in love with the album’s sound and were happy to join the band. This is how the Vagabond Specter was born.

Since then, the band have also released one more EP in 2017 and have played over 100 gigs including big festivals and an opening act for the legendary Garbage band.

In the summer of 2018, the band engaged Joe Chiccarelli, a multiple-Grammy-award-winning producer and engineer (White Stripes, Morrissey, The Strokes, Spoon, Shins among others) to co-produce and mix their second, full-length album, Bipolar. They locked themselves in a picturesque studio, La Fabrique, located in Provence, France. The fact that Radiohead, Foals, and Morrissey also recorded in this studio inspired the band a lot and probably made some influence on the album’s sound.

Look for a new album from the band out soon. Preorder it here. 


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