Wasted Breath’s latest track, “You Tell Me,” is a classic slab of Northwestern punk rock you don’t want to miss. Stay tuned for the self-titled full-length, out January 3 via Blackhouse Records.

“‘You Tell Me’ is pretty much about mind games and people who try and fill your head full of their own ideas about who you are and what you do,” Kyle Butler, vocalist and guitarist says about the track. “This, all the while rejecting your own perception of who you actually are, and it ends up leading to the decay of an interpersonal relationship. A bit long-winded, but thats basically what the song’s lyrics are about.”

With a previous live album released back in 2017, the band has certainly paid their dues, earning the support and friendship of many of their cohorts in the punk rock community, most notably the legendary D.O.A., among others. Wasted Breath continue to venture forward with their recently completed, full-length, debut studio album, set for official release at the very beginning of 2020. There are no signs of slowing down from there, as the momentum is stronger than ever, and it will be easily noticed with what the future holds. Strap in, tune in, and enjoy.

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