An alternate recording of the All Else Failed album standout, this version of Zao’s “Exchange”originally appeared on the 1996 compilation album The World Is Yours. October 9, it is being rereleased on Early Recordings 1995 – 1996 via Steadfast Records.
The album features 14 recordings documenting the earliest days of the band and their first two vocalists, Eric REEDER ADN Shawn Jonas, collecting tracks from early demos, out-of-print split seven-inches, comps, and six previously unreleased tracks.
The source audio has been masterfully restored and given new life by Adam Boose at Cauliflower Audio, album lacquer masters were cut by Bob Weston at Chicago Mastering Service, and vinyl pressed in Cleveland, Ohio at Gotta Groove Records.
“We are absolutely thrilled to help this stuff get out there,” says drummer Jeff Gretz. “It’s part of the history of the band. Even though the subject matter has changed over the years, the general approach of the lyrics—no matter if it was Eric, Shawn or Dan—has always remained the same: an unfiltered, emotional scream from the heart. That is the constant running theme and the heartbeat of Zao.
Photo provided by Zao

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