Genre-blending DJ producer Austin Millz has collaborated with UK singer-songwriter Aluna on his latest single, “Gold”, from his upcoming Midas EP. Check it out!

Both artists are prominent black individuals making waves in electronic music and beyond, aiming a spotlight on the need for greater inclusion of POC in the dance community, while inspiring unsung voices across industries to be heard and to take action with their own dreams. 

Combining groovy funk, alt-electronic, and pop, Austin Millz creates his signature ‘Millz Bounce’, at the intersection of where Soul and Dance music meet, while deeply inspired by the sounds of his upbringing: from his Puerto Rican roots in Harlem, to listening to Diddy, Cam’ron and Teddy Riley, and the rise of soulful NY house with the likes of Paradise Garage and DJ Larry Levan. 

Now living in Los Angeles, he continues to carry these inspirations with him, weaving more threads into his deeply textured musical DNA and creating with intention, making sure that this musical framework is understood. 

A Los Angeles transplant herself, Aluna inserts herself seamlessly into ‘Gold’, lending her unique vocals to what Millz describes as a natural embodiment of the evolution of his sound. 


Millz says of the track:

“Working with Aluna was a dream come true for me. She was always on the top of my list of artists that I wanted to work with, so this happening felt surreal. Her voice is like no other. And to work with her with another black female writer Tiara Thomas was icing on the cake. I hope this song resonates with people because so much joy was used in making this song. We are embracing the inclusion of those misrepresented and I hope I can inspire that young producer making beats in their bedroom to know that anything is possible.”

Aluna adds: 

“When someone comes into your life like “God’s gift” they better do some magic because you’re moving so fast you’ll leave them in the dust…but if they can turn that into gold….”

Check out “Gold feat. Aluna” below. The Midas EP is out October 1.

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Images courtesy of Austin Millz and Aluna.


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