New Mexico-via-Denver indie rock outfit Back Of A Car is the primary songwriting outlet for Kelley Williams, alongside a rolodex of additional members since 2009. The band’s latest two-track single, Loathe Languages, is available now through Crucified Moon Recordings.

Listen to the band’s latest single “Tonight Is” below:

On the release of “Tonight Is,” Williams states:

“During the recording sessions for Unconditional Loathe (2016), which we released five years ago, we recorded two tracks which didn’t quite fit sonically with the rest of the album. We’ve held onto these songs for all these years and thought we would release them for the five-year anniversary of Unconditional Loathe.

‘Tonight Is’ explores the idea of that ringing feeling in your ears after a good show. It’s about having good music in your ears even though there might be pain too, taking the good with the bad because sometimes they’re interchangeable.”

Purchase and stream Loathe Languages here.

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