Brooklyn-based producer and multi-instrumentalist bad tuner released his latest single, “Relationship Is”, earlier this month, and we think you should give it a listen now! The track appears on his upcoming EP, self-care, out Aug 20 via LG105, the new electronic division of Virgin Records UK.

“Relationship Is” is heavily inspired by the Mandinka vocal sample at the core of the track, with an uplifting and positive message brought to life by Marietou Kouyate’s passionate vocals, and reflected in bad tuner’s chopped and modulated piano chords, that showcase her confident and optimistic spirit.

Bad Tuner Self Care

The single is sung in Mandinka, a tonal language spoken in Guinea, Guinea-Bissa, Senegal, and The Gambia. A direct translation of the lyrics read:
Relationship is like this
Relationship, there is hope
Relationship, there is reality in it 
Relationship is like this

bad tuner explains the track:

“Relationship Is’ is a house track centered around a rolling piano progression and the sampled vocals of Senegalese singer Marietou Kouyate. The last year has been absolutely isolating and this song is about the need for human connection. Her vocals are mirrored with a melodic line played on the vibraphone, a response to her refrain.

I like the way in which working with different languages presents a fresh perspective on how to create electronic music. The internet has created a world where you can collaborate with people all over the planet. You are not confined to the limits of traditional song writing and can use vocals in a creative way. It’s also an opportunity to take the time to dig into different cultures and learn about their musical history. How can you express different emotions through different words?”

Check out “Relationship Is” below.

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Images courtesy of bad tuner. Featured image credit: @Joey_Perugini, editing credit: @NDKImages.


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