Twin City’s emo and post-hardcore band Dead History brings their unique, and some might even say, classic, Midwest sound to the masses with their second single “Empty Eyes,” off of the band’s forthcoming self-titled LP which will be out June 11, 2021 on Landland Colportage.

The Upper Great Lakes Region, and the rural areas of Wisconsin, Minneapolis, and Eastern South Dakota, hide a subdued but spectacular history of American underground rock, where melodic-hardcore, grunge, emo, power-pop, post-rock, and even country, sift together and combine fluidly. Dead History’s sound is an undeniable product of this region, blending sonics in a way that makes groups like Quicksand, Hum, Texas is the Reason, and The Obsoletes, not just comfortable bedfellows but enthusiastic lovers. Some day soon, someone will have to tell the tale of this region and its many unsung heroes, but that story will have to wait for another day.

The quite-loud dynamic and unassuming, heart-felt charm of “Empty Eyes” is emblematic of the group’s roots as well as exemplary of what the band can offer in terms of their notable passion and skill. I really can’t wait to see these guys play this and their last single “Sleep Safe” while sharing a bill with Tenement, Motion City Soundtrack, or Milwaukee’s Snag (or, preferably all three!).

Stream Dead History’s “Empty Eyes” below via Bandcamp:

Photo by Daniel Corrigan.

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