Pittsburgh, PA pop-punks Eternal Boy have announced their new album, Bad Days Are Over, will be released in 2021 via Four Chord Music, and you can check out the first single from the album, “A Long Year” below.

Eternal Boy vocalist/guitarist, and the brains behind Four Chord Music, Rishi Bahl comments on the new single:

“This is a song about being tired; being tired of the same routine, being tired of letting people down, and just wanting to make those around you proud of your choices. The pandemic has brought an elevated feeling to this song, given that this year has felt like 10 years.”

Eternal Boy

From “A Long Year” it’s clear Bad Days Are Over will be another piece of nostalgic pop-punk that will conjure up reminiscent memories of the glory days of the genre in older fans, as well as being the perfect introduction to what classic pop-punk sounds like to newer and younger fans.

The album follows up from 2017’s critically acclaimed Awkward Phase, and was produced by Chris Badami (The Starting Line, The Early November) and mastered by Ted Jensen (Green Day, Taking Back Sunday, Sum 41). 

Bahl says: 

Bad Days Are Over is a culminating album for us. It was maybe the first time that we wrote songs, recorded those songs, and they turned out how we envisioned them. It features something for every fan of the genre: fast, mid-tempo, happy, sad, hopeful, and depressed. I think it speaks to the emotional roller-coaster we have all been enduring over the last 6 months.”

Now, all we can do is hope that these bad days are almost over and that the band will be able to play the new songs to a live audience soon – including at next year’s Four Chord Music Festival.

Check out “A Long Year” below, save the single on your favorite streaming service here, and give the band a follow on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram for more updates. 

Images courtesy of Eternal Boy/Impulse Artists. Featured image by Jim Trocchio.


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