Howard Kaye is a prime example of an artist who is moving with the times and reverting back to his true and belonging passions.

Listen to the singer-songwriter’s latest single “Last Generation” below:

Starting off in the world of hip-hop/electronic music as the lead singer for UK group CROOX, Kaye quickly found his love for different genres, as well as the explorational realms you can go to when being as part of a creative group.

Through a lot of success, he then slowly started to realise that although his passion for electronica and hip-hop was viable, he had always grown up influenced by the powerful and mesmerising world of rock. Listening to the likes of Linkin Park and Slipknot as a teenager, Kaye embedded these artists and relentless love for them from a young age and then started to eventually write for himself, not those around him.

The result has been huge so far, with Kaye going on to support Deaf Havana on their UK tour last year as well as recording new music along the way. He now releases the first in a string of releases showcasing his newly experimented and refreshed sound. Spanning from Bring Me The Horizon and Yungblud to The Weeknd and Machine Gun Kelly, Kaye has exposed his real self in this massively expansive heavy rock offering.

On the meaning behind the track, Kaye explains:

“‘Last Generation’ is a track about taking life for granted. We are all guilty of putting ourselves before others without worrying about the consequences. The pandemic has taught me a lot, we are all in this together but as soon as people start to panic and go out of their way to protect themselves rather than anyone else all that goes out the window. So do we make sacrifices for the sake of the people as a whole? Or are we too selfish to see past our own reflection, are we the ‘Last Generation’?”

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