MxPx are back with a brand new single, “Say Yes” featuring RIVALS’ Kalie Wolfe. The pop punk jam is enough to brighten up your day and get you in the mood for summer shows and festivals.

In true pop-punk fashion, “Say Yes” is a lovelorn ode to summer romances of days gone by. The combination of Mike Herrera’s and Kalie Wolfe’s vocals, along with the lyrical sentiment, will be both nostalgic to long-time fans and introductory to newer disciples of punk rock.

MxPx Say Yes

Nothing beats pop-punk for summer vibes, and MxPx are one of the best in the genre for keeping their classic sound, while not being afraid to try new elements and takes on the genre.

Mike Herrera told New Noise exclusively about the single:
“We wanted to do something outside our comfort zone [with “Say Yes”] so we got someone that sings better then me and that was Kalie!”

“[Collaborative tracks] truly happen organically as far as the song goes. We try to add details that you can’t get anywhere else but the one track. That’s why collabs can be so exciting. It’s never been done this way before. That keeps it interesting for everyone.”

Mike also says the band are raring to get back on stage, but the time has to be right:
“If we had to play tomorrow we’d be ready! But it’s not a simple situation to jump back into. Just watching and waiting for the right events for not only our band and crew but the MxPx fans all over the world as well.”


We also spoke to Kalie Wolfe, who told us how the collab came about, and the creative process:
“MxPx and RIVALS are extremely fortunate to share PR agents who set it up! We are so thankful and happy we got to be apart of such a rad song that’s gonna be this summers bop!!!”

“We knew going into it we wanted to make sure that the vocals that were put on still stayed true to how rivals operates and sounds, but with MxPx’s flair of rad pop punkness, it came out super dope! When they had approached me they just told me to do what felt right! I recorded the whole song, every single part, and just let them pick the parts that they enjoyed the most.”

Check out “Say Yes” below, and save it to your favorite streaming services here.

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