“Projection” is out now on Pilau’s forthcoming, self-titled record. Stream the single here. 


Pilau are a newcomer in the world of heavy music, but are made up of members who have spent their lives in it. They combine the speed and aggression of Attitude Adjustment and Japan’s Bastard with the raging tone of Skitsystem and Tragedy, mixed with vocals that address the large and small frustrations and injustices of modern life.

Hailing from Washington, D.C., the members of Pilau have done stints in a seemingly endless list of bands and artistic endeavors, including Assholeparade, Magrudergrind, Mind as Prison, and the podcast from the Hard Times Network, “Up The Blunx.” Pre-orders have begun for the limited, vinyl seven-inch. 

“Projection is a song about mindfulness and trying to keep things in perspective,” the band says. “Taking a second to process the negative feelings that come up and try to abstain from lashing out at others in the heat of the moment.”

Get the album here. 

Photo by Farrah Skeiky


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