Bay Area outfit Spy are back and armed with a shiny new EP, Habitual Offender, out October 1 through To Live A Lie Records.

To celebrate the EP announcement, Spy also dropped their first single from the release, titled “Exceptional American.” Listen below:

On “Exceptional American,” Spy—vocalist Peter Pawlak, guitarists Drew Satterlund and Cody Kryst, and drummer Cole Gilbert—take aim at the corrupt and morally bankrupt mythology behind American nationalism.

Talking about the meaning behind the track, Pawlak explains:

“There are so many issues and things that could be better in America, whether it’s people’s personal existences or financial situations or wider social issues like policing—and it’s all connected.

It’s okay to be critical of the place you live in. People just don’t want to admit that things are wrong in America, they’re afraid to talk about it because it’s seen as anti-American and it’s super frustrating.

There’s so much polarity and oversimplification going on—in reality, every little thing is so deeply contextual and there are so many layers to unravel. But being convinced of these really straightforward opinions with no room for acknowledgement that anything could be improved is just so unhelpful.”

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by engineer Charles Toshio (Sunami, Gulch, World Peace), Habitual Offender pulls together six furious tracks of hardcore punk mayhem. The release serves as the follow-up to Spy’s scorching debut EP, 2020’s Service Weapon.

Pre-order Habitual Offender here.

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