The Fey, an Alternative R&B band, was formed by singer, songwriter, and producer Zach Watkins. While the infrastructure of the group’s style and sound is developed by Watkins, it is made complete by instrumentalists Michael Rogers (lead guitar), Ludwing Siebenhor (rhythm guitar), and John Fucinaro (bass).

Evolved from the rock-soul project formally known as, AZP, and after years of arranging, composing, and performing under the former brand, Watkins felt destined to shape things back to his original design to produce modern music with a retro vibe.

Since his jazz percussion studies at Berklee College of Music, Watkins has created music for and with artists of various genres, while crafting what he considers the ideal blend of sound and style that is now The Fey. This style holds true to the genres of pop and hip-hop with head-nodding breakbeats and hypnotizing bass lines that are the foundation of The Fey’s records.

“Growing up, my father loaded the house with gospel and soul albums,” says Watkins, “but it was the culture of hip-hop that pulled me under its wing outside of the home. It was the best of both worlds.” Those classic souls and gospel tunes are where Watkins gives vocal credit.

The Fey’s gripping connection between soulful-bluesy vox and modern-vintage instrumental continues to entice music enthusiasts of all sorts. With singles like “Contender” and “Tear It Off”, the band fervidly builds the strong rhythm section and surrounds Watkins’ expressive melodies with classic tones of guitar and synth, giving The Fey an edgy “rock star” aura. These anthem-esque vibes are funky, moody, and heavy, all under one roof.

Lyrically, Watkins describes The Fey message as the voice of the underdogs, like “a stray wolf drifted away from the pack, embracing his own path through peaks and valleys.” Though the sensible ebb and flow of Zach’s personal life may set the band’s lyrical tone, The Fey is no underdog to a live performance. Rooted from numerous awards and achievements – six regionally recognized tours, including more than ten unofficial showcases at SXSW, as well as various performances for blog, radio, and television – The Fey has a reputation for rocking the stage. Frequently recognized for their musicianship and overall tightness as a unit, the band’s honest energy and down-to-earth stage presence welcomes crowds of all kinds.

Since the release of their 2018 EP, Strawberry Lemonade, The Fey continues to make strides alongside their Kansas City-based indie record label, The Record Machine. Keep your eyes peeled for The Fey’s debut full-length LP, Palm Tree Shade, to be released soon.

Check out The Fey’s latest track “Wolf of the Wild” below:

Palm Tree Shade will drop this coming summer through The Record Machine.

What began as a simple networking retreat to Los Angeles inspired The Fey’s debut album, Palm Tree Shade. Their latest, “Wolf Of The Wild,” kicks off with a shotgun blast of energy. The Fey lean back into their 70’s vibe with an indelible bassline and the swagger of band leader Zach Watkins at the forefront.

As Watkins explains:

As I sat shotgun, slumped of intoxication, watching taillights zip by like stage lasers, it was then the wolf appeared. This grungy animal, as we were hitting 80 mph down the 405. Only a wild beast knows what it’s like to howl to the night from the top of a mountain. Racing through the woods, headed straight towards destruction, freeing all troubles to the wind.

Photo courtesy of the Fey.

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