Rising UK alt-rockers Elasea are making waves with a sound that boasts hammering riffs, clever phrasing, and webbed vocal lines. Pulling from Lower Than Atlantis, You Me At Six, and Bring Me The Horizon, Elasea are prime to make their mark with the release of their forthcoming EP, Lesson Learnt, out March 17th, and with their new video single “Breathe / Lesson Learnt” (watch below).

Before the launch of the EP, we have an exclusive track by track breakdown, check it out below.


1. Breathe

This is the first track we wrote after the cycle of our last EP release. We hadn’t written in a really long time and it all started out quite slowly. Once we had the chorus down I think we all got a bit more into the swing of things, I remember being really excited when it all started to come together! The track was a massive turning point, the line ‘It’s time to make a change and learn from our mistakes’ was all based around making a hard but necessary change in the band. We learnt a lot of lessons when releasing our debut EP and we felt like we were ready to up our game when writing again.

2. Time Stops

When writing this song we were all listening to the new Bring Me The Horizon album (That’s the Spirit) and I think that’s clear in the instrumentation in this track. The structure of the track is something we played around with a bit more than usual, not sticking to our usual rules etc. The song is about making mistakes and thinking that, no matter how hard you try, you’re never going to be able to come back from it. But mainly not giving up on what you want and keeping a positive mindset.

3. On My Own

One day we were all sat around trying to write a track and Liv says ‘no more heavy riffs’ … five minutes later she is playing the main riff to ‘On My Own’ which is probably the heaviest song we’ve done. The lyrics in this song are about feeling alone and not understanding what someone wants from you. The pre-chorus probably explains it best, it’s about having feelings for someone and not knowing if the feeling is mutual or if they are stringing you along.

4. These Secrets (Interlude)

So this originally was just an intro to the next track but we thought giving it a whole track on it’s own would break up the EP a bit more. There are so many great albums with interludes all over the place, so here is ours!

5. Walls

Coincidentally this was the last track we wrote. It’s about having something you’re really excited about but not being able/allowed to tell anyone, it’s how hiding the way you feel is not always a good thing. The first line sums up the whole song really, ‘These secrets are burning through walls made of glass and I cannot contain it’ – The secrets are stressing you out and the walls are glass because everyone knows anyway! We demo’d this whole track one evening at Andy’s and it was one of those tracks you had to finish there and then, we weren’t prepared to come back to it the next day we were too excited.

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