High-flying UK alt-metallers From Inside are set to drop their forthcoming sophomore EP, When I’m Breathing Without You, on September 14, 2018.

From Inside are an exciting alternative metal band who hail from the UK’s culture capital, Liverpool. Expressing a sound that fuses sweeping atmospherics with driving distorted guitars, all framed by layered orchestral synths and emotional lyrics and themes, From Inside will challenge and ignite the listener.

The quartet launched themselves onto the scene at the beginning of 2017 with their debut single, Find My Way, which was premiered by Kerrang! Radio. The band’s debut EP, The New Era, soon followed, with their second single, Be Yourself, notching up regular rotation on Scuzz TV. A sell-out hometown show sparked early momentum and the alternative crew proceeded to grow their fanbase, playing dates with Wstr, Loathe and Holding Absence, as well as touring with Crazy Town and Slaves.

From Inside will be playing a show on Thursday 13th September at Little Buildings in Newcastle.
From Inside - When I'm Breathing Without You EP


Track 1: Helpless

The opening track of the EP is entitled ‘Helpless’. The majority of people have at some stage had to walk away from a failed relationship and this song lyrically addresses the thoughts that you experience when someone you know becomes someone you knew. From our personal experiences; happy memories of times spent with a former partner don’t disappear overnight and can still play on your heart strings even when you have both moved on. This song depicts the crazy mix of emotions that you will feel at some point during a breakup; sadness, anger, regret, revengefulness and frustration. However, at the end of the day if BOTH people aren’t committed to the relationship then you are left ‘helpless’.

This is definitely one of our faster, more upbeat sounding songs on the record which definitely comes in hard straight away! There is also a really cool heavy section in the bridge perfect for those mosh pits. Check out the video for the track below.

Track 2: Before I Leave

‘Before I Leave’ is our debut single from ‘When I’m Breathing Without You’. This song is about accomplishing everything you want to in your life before you die. No matter tries to stop you living your life, whether that is a person or your own mind, you need to be strong and leave your mark on the word.

Musically this song defines everything we feel FROM INSIDE is about. It makes use of a vast array of instruments, synths and choirs (which is something we are very conscious about when writing) but most significantly it has that massive chorus which will be stuck in your head for days. If you are only going to listen to one song off our record then this is the song to check out! Here’s the video below.

Track 3: When I’m Breathing Without You

The title track of our EP. ‘When I’m Breathing Without You’ is about moving on in your life after overcoming hardship. Whether that is addiction, a failed relationship, a lost love one or broken dreams… the message is always the same. It doesn’t matter how hard things can seem in times of despair there will become a point when things will start to improve, just getting to that point is the hard part.

This song was originally meant to be on our previous EP however we decided to save it until this time round which allowed us time to rework a lot of the vocals. The ending of this song is without doubt the heaviest part of our entire back catalogue!

Track 4: You & I

The message of this song is pretty well defined by the lyrics “we’re not so different you and I”. Despite what people sometimes hide on the outside, we ALL have our demons and not a single person on this planet is free of their own problems, self doubt, insecurity or negativity. There should be relief from understanding that we are all just humans and no one is exempt from the hurdles that life throughs at you. Knowing that others have been through similar experiences should also be an indication that there is help out there if you reach out for it.

We grew up listening to a lot of nu-metal and  you can hear a lot of that inspiration shining through on this song. It’s got those heavy distorted guitars, some turntable scratching and even a bit of rapping!

Track 5: I Need To Feel Alive

The final track “I Need To Feel Alive” is also the last track we completed prior to heading into the studio. As a band we tend to keep a positive spin on a lot of our lyrical content however this song doesn’t follow this pattern at all. It’s about feeling lost in life and watching the rest of the world just passing you by…. wanting to just wake up from the shell that you are living in.

From the very start, this song has a lot of piano and orchestral instruments going on. It’s fast paced with quite an anthem style chorus and finishing up with an emotional outro that perfectly sums up the tone of the song.

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