Every time Hail The Sun seem to grace the world with a new release, it becomes a chorus of “this is the best work Hail The Sun have put out.” Their sound is built around swirling atypical time signatures and a vocal style that utilizes both higher end singing and vicious howls. That is exactly what slaps listener’s ear drums when playing their new EP Secret Wars, out today, November 10th via Equal Vision Records. “Repellent” is an intrepid sound for the band, orchestrating incredible progressions and weaving them together as some post-hardcore stitched voodoo doll. Their sense of groove remains ever present, blending small runs of jazz runs into visceral, syncopated breakdowns.

Secret Wars finds plenty of aggressive turns for the quartet, kicking down the door of one’s insides and finally letting it out. In that way, songs like the self-titled and “Spite” are cathartic pulses of kinetic energy finally escaping the body and finding a way into the form of art. Donovan Melero’s expansive range is one of the many (and I mean many) highlights of this EP. From the intimate and personal singing found in “Bound” to the seismic howls found on “Repellent,” Melero lets all of the emotions that surfaced while putting these songs together extend their relativity to the listener just by arming the microphone with that incredible range.

Needless to say, Secret Wars is a beautiful extension of Hail The Sun’s discography, and New Noise Magazine is extremely excited to bring forth an in depth look at each track via Donovan Melero.

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1. Repellent:
This is the opening track of the EP and probably my favorite. It’s just very chaotic, and represents what is to come. It’s about my infatuation with being alone, and asking myself if maybe I even sabotage strong ties to others in order to remain in that familiar zone. My favorite part is the middle section with the strange time signature and cacophonic chords. I spent about 20 minutes straight just figuring out the drums and stabs to that before the rest of the guys started adding.

2. 1109
I remember Aric having that opening riff and playing it over and over, and it just got stuck in all of our heads, thus, the preliminary part of the song was born. Instead of writing an affectionate song for a person, I wanted to write one about a place. That place was a house I shared with many dear friends for a couple years in Chico, CA. I was always taken aback by how the same location can contain such different chapters of emotion, love and heartbreak within it’s walls.

3. Spite
Shane really got the ball rolling with the music to this song. He showed us all the beginning riff and I LOVED how it slammed into a very simple chord progression from the start, but then still had his signature heavy parts later on. Lyrically: I get locked in what I am sure is a very common feeling of self-doubt throughout my existence. It comes and goes, but there are those times where it hits harder than usual. I wrote the lyrics for this song during one of those times. Ultimately, if nothing else, those occurrences provide inspiration.

4. Bound
The lyrics for this song address the idea of marriage becoming a negative binding of peoples lives, especially for young couples. I can’t speak for anyone else but myself, but for where I was in my early twenties, there is no way I could have known who I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. It seems unnatural to me, at least for now. But that could change in time, maybe the more I grow. And I’m constantly inspired by seeing the marriages that thrive. I think everyone is different. In a literal sense, this song is inspired by good friends of mine who I thought would never, ever divorce, and so it was shocking when they did. An interesting fact about this song: we almost DIDN’T write it, and were about to count into another song to practice before recording. But as I was clicking the sticks, Shane started playing the beginning riff, and we all stopped to take it in. And so we started building on it, and thus the song was born.

5. Secret Wars
I toyed with calling this song “The Playbook”, but ultimately the other 3 guys liked sticking with “Secret Wars”, and I agreed. I wrote it in a perspective of a powerful force of shot callers discussing ways to manipulate the public, by any means necessary, for their own benefit. I won’t go into much more detail for this one, as I think it’s fun to figure out on it’s own. I’ll end with this: I genuinely feel the public is manipulated time and time again for the benefits of those who hold power. Greed. And as I’ve always said, I think it’s extremely important to question everything. That is the most powerful tool we still have: the right to think for ourselves.


Tour Dates w/ I The Mighty

Nov 10 – Ferndale, MI @ The Loving Touch
Nov 11 – Lakewood, OH @ The Foundry
Nov 12 – Chicago, IL @ Subterranean
Nov 14 – Dallas, TX @ RBC
Nov 15 – Houston, TX @ Studio Live
Nov 17 – Phoenix, AZ @ Rebel Lounge
Nov 18 – Los Angeles, CA @ Moroccan Lounge
Nov 19 – Los Angeles, CA @ Moroccan Lounge

w/ Glassjaw
Nov 26 – Sacramento, CA @ Ace of Spades

w/ Silverstein
Dec 08 – Southampton, United Kingdom @ Talking Heads
Dec 09 – Brighton, United Kingdom @ The Haunt
Dec 10 – Cardiff, United Kingdom @ The Globe
Dec 12 – Glasgow, United Kingdom @ G2
Dec 13 – Newcastle, United Kingdom @ Think Tank
Dec 14 – Manchester, United Kingdom @ Sound Control
Dec 15 – Huddersfield, United Kingdom @ The Parish
Dec 16 – London, United Kingdom @ The Lexington


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