Nathan Hussey is having one hell of a ride since the beginning of 2017. The singer is notable for being in All Get Out, a rock band with a lot of energy. Hussey, being the prolific and creative artist he is, continued to write songs and has created enough material for his project Hussey. Signing to Equal Vision Records last year, the debut LP for the label, Hitchens, is out on January 12th.

Featuring bold lyrical essays wrapped into fantastically written songs, Hussey is an intimate and personal experience that bears its inners and sheds its intellect. Hitchens discusses the human condition with atmospheric soundscapes serving as weight of the songs. “Runner Up” is wonderfully perceptive and dynamically woven between tight harmonies and a steady, pulsing drum beat. “All Things” opens the record with half of a minute worth of detailed ambiance, building the platform for the record’s ethereal leanings. Hitchens is a record that is not afraid to discuss anything, including the worries of aging, the X-files and the story of Hitchens, going to college in clever storytelling.

New Noise Magazine is pleased to be bringing forth an intimate and detailed look into Hitchens by Nathan Hussey with this exclusive track by track. Take a listen to the LP below, and be sure to wind your ears and thoughts into this adventurous experience.

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All Things

This was the first bit of writing I did for the album. I remember being inspired by a pedal sent to me from Brady at Old Blood Noise Endeavors. I started writing it during the last phases of Quitter but couldn’t quite figure out what I wanted to do with it until a year later when a set of lyrics finally stuck out to me as passable. That or the trash can was full of my attempts. It’s one of my first times as a storyteller that I felt really proud of how I made it applicable but not necessarily about me. Up until the last minute there was another verse and another chorus but this tune was all about the edit. I cannot wait to sing the bridge live.

Lake Michigan

More story telling that’s just a tad left of the Hitchens theme. I tried to write as much as I could about him but I realized quickly that there is a lot more to a person’s legacy than their work, even for the prolific. I thought about love and marriage and how insanely horrific of an idea it is to undo a dense relationship. My wife’s grandparents were adorably in love and there were always stories about a lake house in Michigan they owned and I thought it would be a good setting to flip around. A location so revered used as a place to visit and mourn.


This is about the darker side of my home town and my family. It reflects on how we take each opportunity differently and tries to draw a parallel between the two paths and how they eventually meet again. I remember coming to a place where I felt like not caring anymore and somehow felt justified in that. I detached and judged so when things got better I felt guilt. My absence didn’t help a situation, it probably made the road longer. Im aware of all the maybes in that mindset, and possibly narcissism, but it’s where my head was when I wrote it. Songs aren’t about the end, they’re a snapshot of the tiniest moment.

Runner Up

A good break from the norm for me. I really enjoyed staying in a sweeter range and putting myself in the mood of the song. It shares themes with Quitter’s introspective lyrics while also telling a story about the seemingly slow motion feeling of life after losing someone or something important. That perpetually winter feeling.


Time was running out for this album to be wrapped up and I was absolutely lost. I thought it was all garbage and that I was a garbage writer. Welcome to my head. So I wrote about how I get to this point with every album I make. Imposter Syndrome would have been a more fitting name. I want to reiterate here that it’s a snapshot, not an ‘all the time’ feeling. It’s just sort of reoccurring.


This is biographical of Hitchens going to Oxford University. His mother soon after left his father for someone else. During his time there she took her own life in a suicide pact. Honestly one of the saddest stories I have ever read or heard. What got to me the most was how the bodies were found in separate beds but she had fallen off of hers in what looked like an attempt to make a call. I strongly advise reading.

Walk You Out

I battled with the song a lot. I tried writing it at least 30 times lyrically and I couldn’t find its purpose. When I got a handle on it, I remembered my wife’s grandmother telling her that when her husband died a few years back she died too. It didn’t feel sad to me. I just sort of understood and respected it. I’d feel the same way too. Musically its probably the most exciting on the album and I think people who like my band will attach here.

For Shame

“For Shame, if you can feel it” is something I heard Hitchens say in a debate with the Catholic Church (if I remember correctly). It stood out to me as a heartfelt retort. I didn’t think he meant harm to someones belief at that point. He seemed more interested in defending the people they had effected negatively for being of a different mind. I was raised in a small town church that is hopefully a little more advanced now than when I was a child but at the time could definitely be described as intolerant of many things. I always thought it was weird business telling people how to live their lives.

Vacancy (S09E06)

Look, I love the X-Files. This is about when Mulder is in hiding but really wants to see Scully. He writes her an email that says “Im lonely, Dana” and its just a crushing moment to me. I travel a lot and can relate to the feeling of absence like this (minus aliens and government conspiracy). Every tour or album is looked forward to but it always hits you in the gut one week in.

Overflow (S05E04)

More X-Files. I thought it would be fitting to have somewhat the other side of a relationship from Vacancy. Overflow is about when Scully is in the hospital unconscious and Mulder’s panic trying to find out if she ever made it there in the first place. I couldn’t imagine that feeling of helplessness and worry. Hours would feel like impossible years. I always admired the characters and their relationship and for me this a top ten moment.

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