Canada’s IΛVΛl (laval) have recently released their EP IΛVΛl I. The band, formerly known as  Fashion Police, are a Montreal super band featuring members of Trigger Effect and Mountain Dust and have been making waves all over Quebec and Ontario with their punishing riffs and unrelenting grooves. Across the record one will hear crushing riffs with gnashing guitars, pounding drums and urgent vocals. It’s a great mix of raw, energetic hardcore that is both vibrant and catchy. The members didn’t ever ease up on vigor with their old bands and will not starting with IΛVΛl I. IΛVΛl bassist Preston Ward stopped by to shed light on all of the tracks and their meanings on the EP. Stream the EP and read below.

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1. Shakes

As kids we all heard stories of ghosts and haunted houses but we never actually experience fright form supernatural activity, instead we grow up with a fear of bumps in the night or ominous shadows caught in the corner of our eye, screaming about it in a song we thought made us want to dance.
The continuous bass line is all about strutting down the street when you shouldn’t be. Just owning it like you’re king of the world. Then your friend, Guitar, kicks in a car mirror just because he can get away with it. Next thing you know you’re on a full rampage and nobody, not even your narc pal, Drums, can touch you.

2. Flaws Part Deux

This is a sequel to ‘Flaws’ off our first EP, Winter, which was released under our former name Fashion Police.
It just started with an insane riff and we vowed to never let the intensity go down. When we were done writing it we thought it was five minutes long because there’s so much crammed in there. It has density. To us, it’s really about putting as much into a moment as possible; an absolute musical sprint. The urgency is felt.
We’ll never be able to play this song as fast as we want.

3. Shine

Originally written as a semi-acoustic solo bedroom jam by Brendan 3 years prior to the existence of (what is now known as) lΛVΛl. With a few short lines of Brendan’s original lyrics recycled, it’s about that superficial social butterfly we all know. You know, the one who prefers quantity over quality when forming relationships…fuck you mom!

4. Stay Cold

We’re really proud of how this one turned out. There’s so many strange parts and it all flows so well. We toyed with these riffs for a long time, revisiting them over and over again. They almost became additions to the scrap pile but it was the type of situation where you all go home and think about it and text each other ideas and then boom: it works.

5. Graceful Debt

A fictional story told from the perspectives of a sexual deviant (chorus) and his victims (verses/bridge).
As a band that is used to changing riffs every couple of seconds, it was interesting to come up with a riff we just wanted to ride forever. The song has such a good lurch to it, as soon as we put that together we knew it was just a matter of a few good whacks to the back of the head here and there and it was done. Alex’s vocals really tie the whole thing together. The anger is the same throughout but you just can’t let it go, so it builds and builds. And you explode.

6. Liar Liar House on Fire

It felt good to slow things down, like you finally get the chance to talk in the middle of a 5-way argument, so you make big, heavy, accusatory, and hurtful statements to get your point across. It was really fun to fill in the empty spaces since we tend not to have a lot of those. This song even revamped some riffs from our first jam altogether that finally materialized.

If you’ve ever felt duped you’d probably sympathize with the antagonist of this smoking hot ballad.

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